Erbil, la citadelle de nuit photographié par Olivier Prévôt

Erbil, in the Shadow of its Citadel | Olivier Prévôt

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Erbil, la citadelle de nuit photographié par Olivier Prévôt
23 November – 25 November 2018
Friday 23 November from 6 pm
HOURS : Friday from 3 – 8 pm, Saturday from 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday from 10 am – 7 pm

Erbil, in the Shadow of its Citadel | Photographs by Olivier Prévôt

A graduate of SPEOS, Olivier Prévôt photographed the Middle East from 2008 to 2014 before becoming more involved in writing as editor of the magazine L’esprit de Narvik and the monthly Causeur. It is thus that he presents himself:

“I approached photography after the age of forty. I do not know exactly where this necessity arises: between aesthetic emotions, even erotic, and political convocation, the Middle East imposed itself on me as a compulsory place. I went there; I go there again in a recurring, obsessive way. From Iraq to Kuwait, from the Palestinian camps in Jordan to the dockers in the port of Dubai, from the Syrian suburbs to the small Kurdish towns of Turkey and Lebanon, I try to understand as much what is happening there as I do, Grows there. As in the eponymous film of Joana Hadjithomas, I want to see.

More photographer traveling than traveling, I try to erase any excessively picturesque, and any convocation of exoticism – this one can however arise or creep into what I give to see, the photography of report always oscillating between an attempted mastery and a real rebel, an art of defeat.

I do not like compulsory turbans, preferring by far a soccer jersey on an abandoned adolescent body, nor the perfect ocher of historic buildings when a wall unevenly rebuilt breezes tells me so many stories …”

Deceased at the end of 2016, Oliver Prévôt left more than 55,000 photographs unpublished.

Olivier Prévôt made two stays in early 2009 in Iraqi Kurdistan and particularly in the capital of the autonomous region, Erbil. Its citadel, inscribed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, is the heart of this exhibition. Around it, have been arranged portraits of people who live there, testimonies of the degradation of time and images of these peculiarities that make it endearing, such as the extraordinary weaving of electrical wires throughout the city. This is a framework for future exhibitions by Olivier Prévôt on Iraqi Kurdistan.

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