Exhibition Unspectacular Subjects by Charles Brink at Studio Galerie B&B from 3 - 10 December 2018.

Unspectacular Subjects | Charles Brink

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Exposition Unspectacular Subjects by Charles Brink
3 – 9 December 2018
EHXIBITION OPENING Thursday 6 December from 6pm
HORAIRES : Tuesday – Friday from 3 – 8 pm, Saturday from 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday from 10 am – 7 pm

Unspectacular Subjects | Photographs by Charles Brink

My exhibition proposes a selection of photographs of places, objects or beings crossed at random during my travels. I do not seek the spectacular; I only try to highlight the singularity of ordinary subjects.  On a daily basis, our eye meets objects, but conditioned by our education and our expectations, we observe the world according to what we think it should be.

Photography, based on the ability to observe and isolate something in an ordinary setting, is the exposure of a certain look to reality, so that the other can penetrate into this vision.  It’s an invitation to share.

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